The 2022 Joint Annual Meeting is made possible by the support and service of the following committee members.

AMS Committees

Committee on the Annual Meeting
& Public Events

Danielle Fosler-Lussier, chair
Abby Anderton
Christina Baade
Charles Carson
Eduardo Herrera
Siovahn A. Walker, ex officio

Performance Committee

Marilyn Nonken, chair
Gwyneth Bravo

Braxton D. Shelley

Program Committee

Olivia Bloechl, chair
Michael Gallope
Sergio Ospina Romero
Juliana Pistorius

Mark Pottinger
Shana L. Redmond
Lisa Cooper Vest

SEM Committees

Program Committee

Eduardo Herrera, chair
Marié Abe

Guilnard Moufarrej
Gayle Murchison
Laura Risk
Braxton Shelley
Ben Teitelbaum

Pre-Conference Symposium Committee

Loneka Wilkinson Battiste, co-chair
Abimbola Kai-Lewis, co-chair
Sakinah Davis
Joyce Jackson
Cheryl Keyes

SMT Committees

Program Committee

Mark Spicer, chair
Janet Bourne

Stephen Brown
Brett Clement
Clare Eng
Aaron Harcus
Stephen Rodgers

Michael Buchler, ex officio

Local Arrangements Committee

Jennifer Diaz, chair
Janna Saslaw

Committee on Workshop Programs

Scott Murphy, chair
Kyle Adams
Frank Samarotto
Mark Spicer