We thank the following sponsors for their generous support of the AMS-SEM-SMT 2022 Joint Annual Meeting.

Artusi: Interactive Music Theory & Aural Skills is the leading online resource for teaching music theory, ear training, analysis, and sight singing. Artusi’s all-in-one platform features automatic grading with musically intelligent feedback, the most diverse library of musical examples, and infinite opportunities for student practice. Our Theory I–IV curriculum covers fundamentals, harmony, part-writing, species counterpoint, post-tonal exercises, and more—plus you can customize your own workbooks, textbook chapters, drills, and exams. Designed by and for instructors, Artusi is available on any device, making it perfect for in-person and hybrid teaching. Instructor accounts are always free. Sign up now to learn more!






Rising Software publishes Auralia and Musition, ear training and theory software specially designed for college use.

More than 100 topics are provided, including curriculum for Theory and Aural I-IV sequences. Four-part writing, Sight Singing and Fundamentals are covered in depth, with quality student feedback and instant assessment.

Immensely customizable, Auralia and Musition are easily tailored to specific curriculum requirements. Instructors can use their own musical examples, create custom questions and organize content to suit their courses.

All student progress is tracked and instructors can assign quizzes, worksheets, and assessments that students can complete on phones, tablets and computers!