AMS Call for Committee and Study Group Proposals

The eighty-eighth Annual Meeting of the American Musicological Society (AMS) will be held jointly with the Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM) and the Society for Music Theory (SMT) on 10–13 November 2022.

The Annual Meeting promotes the study and teaching of music. It builds community and supports scholars through a range of approaches and presentational modes, including historical musicology, creative practice, ethnography, analysis, performance, musical demonstrations, policy, civic engagement, sound artifact curation, and digital humanities. The 2022 call for proposals and the Program Committee procedures are designed to reflect changes in the society’s scholarly and demographic profile and aim to encourage new modes of sharing ideas.

Guided by the AMS’s Statement on Fair Practice and Representation, the Program Committee seeks to create a positive working, learning, and social environment in which a diverse society may develop and flourish. Issues of fairness and representation will be an integral part of the process of creating the program.

At the Annual Meeting, the society invites music scholars, teachers, performers and public intellectuals to share work and ideas in the proposal types listed below. A successful proposal articulates the main points of the presentation clearly, positions its contributions in the context of previous work, and suggests its significance for the Society’s membership. Session organizers are advised to convene a diverse panel.

AMS committees and study groups are guaranteed one session at the Annual Meeting.

Application Restrictions

Excluding guaranteed study group and committee sessions, no one may appear on the AMS Annual Meeting program more than twice. However, the alternate years rule has been suspended for the 2022 annual meeting. Thus, those who appeared on the program for the 2021 AMS Annual Meeting are eligible to be included in proposals for the 2022 AMS Annual Meeting.


Submission Procedure

The submission form for proposing committee and study group sessions will become available on 10 December 2021. Proposals must be received by 11:59 p.m. CDT, 15 March 2022. Proposals are to be submitted electronically on the AMS 2022 annual meeting site. Please note that proposal submission ceases precisely at the deadline. To avoid technical problems with submission please submit at least twenty-four hours before the deadline. Proposals received after the deadline cannot be considered.

Proposal submitters will be required to state the format of the session (multi-paper panel or single abstract proposal) and must also include full, detailed information on session participants. The form is not a placeholder for a session, but should provide all of the information needed to organize the session.

December 10, 2021
December 10, 2021